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Termites cause more damage to homes and businesses than any other pest. Termites feed on wood 24 hours a day. Therefore, termite control is very essential in protecting your most valuable asset – your home. So, for the proper termite treatment, Termite Control Company Northgate, QLD is at your doorstep. We are the best Termite control company in terms of providing services. We are renowned to provide top-class service to our customers. Our professionals have all the amenities to do termite control services. So, if you want to book our services, call our helpline number 07 2000 4194

Northgate’s Professional Termite Controllers

Ignoring termites is not an option, because, without the proper termite treatment, the problem will only get worse. Hence, for complete removal of termites from your place, hire Northgate’s Professional Termite Controllers. We recommend the best treatment option for you. Once we eliminate the termite infestation, we’ll work to prevent termites from coming back. 

Effective Termite Control Process by Specialists

At Pest Control Northgate specialists adopt an effective and efficient Termite Control Process. So, you should call termite control specialists because they know how to do their job safely and precisely. The termites are killed and removed efficiently. Our specialists will inspect your property and recommend the termite treatment that is best for your home and family. Therefore, it is necessary to call Northgate’s Specialists for termite control services.

24 Hour Termite Inspections

Termites cannot be removed from your place until and unless they are properly inspected. Northgate’s Termite Control Professionals carry out 24-hour termite inspections. Therefore, call our experts for the best treatment option for you. Our comprehensive annual termite inspections provide the best protection against them.

Eco-friendly Pesticides Used against Termites

Termite Control Northgate uses eco-friendly Pesticides against termites. We follow the go-green approach to get rid of termites. So, do not worried about safety then also we want to let you know that our professionals use only eco-friendly solutions.

Residential Termite Control Northgate

The best way to get rid of termites is always to contact a termite control professional in Northgate. We provide our quality pest & termite control treatment for residential areas. Therefore, to protect your home from termites, call our experts today only.

Why Choose Us To Control & Remove Termites?

  • We provide 24 hours service all day and night.
  • All our treatments to remove termites are safe and eco-friendly.
  • Experienced termite control specialists providing the best treatment.
  • Licensed and certified to perform termite control treatments.
  • We provide all kinds of termite control treatments at pocket-friendly prices.

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Does spraying for termites work?

No, termite spray is not that effective on walls, the basement, or any structure affected by it. Therefore, it’s not an accurate option to be considered for termite control.

What is the most effective termite control solution?

Borate wood treatments are the most effective and are administered by pest control professionals.

How long does a pest control treatment last?

General pest control treatment lasts a few months and needs to be done quarterly.