Apartments to Homes: How Often Do You Need Pest Control?

Pest Control should always be done for preventing your home and your environment from nuisance and harmful pests. It requires a lot of effort and resources but then also it is done because it is a smart step to save you. Some important reasons why pest control to be done is given:

  • To prevent your body from allergies.
  • For saving your furniture and other home essentials from pests.
  • To save your property from deterioration.
  • It prevents various harmful diseases.
  • For maintaining a healthy food supply.

How Frequently Pest Control be Done At Your Apartment

As there are many things at your house which you do only once in a lifetime and some other things you need to do regularly. There are different importance of time intervals for different things. Like that you have to do pest control processes frequently. This process is a never-ending process as the weather always changes, new changes occur and so new types of pests develop with every change and you cannot stop it. Every new pest can cause some unique diseases and you do not know when and in which manner that new pest will attack your house and spread diseases. So, you have to always be prepared for this and that is why you should do pest control frequently. 

Is Pest Control A Quarterly Process?

When we talk about pest control, one thing that comes into your mind is that it has to be repeated within two to three months a year. But this period changes for different types of pests.

Some pests like Rodents, Spiders, Ants, Earwigs, Roaches, Silverfish, Fleas, etc. should be treated quarterly as their infestation becomes less after a few months.

Other pests spread their infestation according to changes in weather and so they are seasonal pests. For this type of pests, you need season-wise pests control.

As per a general view, if you do pest control within three months a year, you can be protected from several diseases and may live a healthy life.

How Long Does Fumigation Take?

Fumigation is the process in which the whole area of pest infestation is covered and filled with chemicals that kill almost all termites. Sometimes the structural fumigation process is used when termite infection is very serious. This process requires a few hours to a week which depends upon temperature, type and intensity of infestation, dose, etc. 

During this process, you have to stay out of your house and have to remove all your pets and plants from the area of fumigation as it destroys everything present there. You have to pack everything from the fumigation area and make sure that nothing is imposed on the chemicals.

Duration Of Pest Control In An Apartment

When pests develop in an apartment it becomes more serious and challenging as it affects several families living out there. Therefore, pest control should be done every three to six months in a year when no pests are present and can be done every month depending on the condition. Professional Pest Controllers should cover all the areas of the apartment including Entry, Exits, Baseboards, Cracks and where gaps are present. After the pest control process, each family living in that apartment should strictly follow the precautionary measures set up by the Pest Control Northgate.

Do Newly Built Houses Require Pest Control?

As per the Pest Controllers view a newly built house is more susceptible to an old house as during making of the house it develops pests during its various stages. A newly built house is open to the environment, has many cracks, building materials are open to every weather and so its chances of developing pests is more as compared to an old one. Hence, hire a pest control company and relax.

Effect Of Rain On Pest Control

Generally, people postpone the schedule of pest control due to rain as they thought that due to rain pests control will not affect pests. But it should always be kept in mind that pest control has nothing to do with the rain moreover rain is helpful in pest control because

  • Rain helps in softening the soil and so hide insects come out and kill from pest control.
  • Nowadays walls are made waterproof and so rain does not affect pest control.
  • Some pest control formulations are activated by the moisture that occurs due to rain.

Today pest controllers have a wide variety of facilities to work in every weather condition. So, do not worry about that, just book an appointment with a good pests control company.

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